Do I need to drill into the bed of my truck to install the EZ-PAC Truck Tray™?
No, there is no drilling required.
Is installation and removal of the tray quick and easy?
Yes, installation and removal is a quick 1 person job. In as little as 5-10 minutes!
Can 1 person assemble the EZ-PAC Truck Tray™?
Yes. The EZ-PAC Truck Tray™ is modular in design. Assembly can be done by 1 person in about 1 hr.
How many tools do I need to assemble, and install the EZ-PAC Truck Tray™?
Just one! A screw driver is all you need.
Is the EZ-PAC Truck Tray™ heavy?
No, the EZ-PAC Truck Tray™ is lightweight and strong. It is made of aluminum and has two main components, the frame and the tray. Each component has been designed to accommodate handling by 1 person.
Will the EZ-PAC Truck Tray™ fit my truck?
The EZ-PAC Truck Tray™ has a universal design which enables it to fit virtually all year/makes/models. In all cases you will need to have access to the space under your side wall rail. This space is required to secure the unit. Please refer to the installation instructions for more details.
How much weight is the EZ-PAC Truck Tray™ rated for?
The EZ-PAC Truck Tray™ models efficiently handle loads up to 500lbs of evenly distributed weight. More than enough for the "everyday needs" of most truck owners.
Can I install the EZ-PAC Truck Tray™ over a bedliner?
How much "tray surface" do the various models provide?
The full-size FS48 model is 48" in length and 40" in width. The FS60 model is 60" in length and 40" in width. The FS72 model is 72" in length and 40" in width. The mid-size MS57 model is 57" in length and 34" in width, providing lots of space for your everyday needs!